Change Log

The table below lists any known issues relating to our API.

Pagination is not possibleOur v1 APIs do not offer pagination. If your result set exceeds 5,000 results we recommend decreasing the size of the from and to values.
Values returned in the country_code field may not always be ISO 3166 compliantWe are aware of this issue and are working to cleanse the data to comply with this standard.
LinkedIn data unavailableOn 16th February 2018 LinkedIn removed share metrics from their API. This means that:

No LinkedIn share data is available for posts tracked by NewsWhip from that date onwards.
LinkedIn share data is incomplete for posts between the 9th February and the 16th February, as we will have been unable to refresh it as usual.
Missing or reduced number of Instagram posts and engagement metricsAs a result of unplanned changes to the Instagram API we experienced the following issues:

For dates between 2018-03-30 and 2018-04-04 there are a reduced number of posts available via the /igPosts endpoint. Instagram engagement metrics were also refreshed less frequently than usual.
For dates between 2018-04-04 and 2018-04-09, and for all dates after 2018-05-01, no Instagram posts or engagement metrics are available.
Facebook Like, Comments & Share scores for Web ArticlesOn 28th July 2021 we identified an issue with the Facebook API that affected the accuracy of engagement data on news articles. This issue affected all partners using the Facebook API.
On 30th July 2021 we implemented an interim solution to resolve this issue. You may continue to see the following until a permanent solution is in place:
• Likes, Shares and Comments counts for web articles do not sum to the Total Facebook Interactions count. The former is still subject to the accuracy issue.

We are working closely with Facebook on a permanent solution.
Removed Twitter Influencers endpoint from APIOn 3rd Feb 2022, following a Twitter API review, we removed our Twitter Influencers endpoint to ensure our continued compliance with Twitter’s usage terms
YouTube removed 'Dislike' metric from platform.On 13th December 2021, YouTube stopped providing dislike counts for posts. The ‘dislike’ metric and order by options were removed for all YouTube posts – new and historical from our API on 8th Feb 2022.