API features

We offer three sets of endpoints. Which you use depends on your needs. They are the Quick Start API, the Historical API, and the Syndication API.

All of our APIs allow you to search for and fetch web content and see social data about that content. API features, time ranges, and filtering options differ depending on the plan you have chosen.


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The Quick Start API

Formerly named the GET API

These endpoints have been designed to cater to the most common use cases of our customers, and are particularly useful if you are looking for content over the last seven days.

You can search for web content (eg. news, blogs, magazines etc) based on:

  • Keyword, using /search
  • Publisher, using /publisher - who wrote the content
  • Region, using /region - where the publisher is based
  • Location, using /local - a hyper-local search

You can also see what general terms are trending by using the /trendingEntities endpoint.

The Historical API

Formerly named the POST API

The Historical API gives you full access to our complete database of tracked content and social data. This goes back as far as 2014, with millions of new pieces of content discovered on a daily basis. Historical API subscribers also have access to the optimised Quick Start API.

In addition to being able to fetch data over longer periods of time, the Historical API gives you the ability to perform sophisticated searches and filters on the data. This is deal for gathering specific data relevant to your needs.

The Historical API includes:

  • Searching for web and YouTube content, using /articles.
  • Searching for Facebook and Instagram content using /fbPosts and /igPosts.
  • Searching for influential people posting on Facebook, using /fbInfluencers.
  • Discovering broad and niche trending topics, using /trendingEntities.
  • Statistical analyses of the performance of publishers, authors, and topics, ideal for data science/analysis use cases. That's in the /stats API.

The Syndication API

The NewsWhip Syndication product is a text matching service that makes it straightforward to identify uses of your content by other publishers. The Syndication API makes it possible for you to access those matches programmatically.

This API is only available to Syndication customers, using the /syndicatedArticles endpoint.