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NewsWhip APIs give you raw access to the world’s largest and fastest human engagement database; real time data trends, aggregated data, statistics, and social engagement metrics for hundreds of millions of stories, tracked since January 1, 2014.

Use the power of NewsWhip data to create and customize your own solutions, perfectly suited to your company’s goals. In the hub you'll find the information you need to be successful with our API.

Introduction to use cases


Each of the pages in this section represent something that one or more of our customers has built using our APIs. These examples bring to life just how useful our various APIs can be in various business and consumer-facing scenarios.

Use cases

In-house dashboard »
A wallboard-style display of breaking and trending content, to help social media managers to add their brand voice to a story.

Mobile app developer »
Provide relevant and engaging web content to thousands right in the palm of their hand, based on their interests and preferences.

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Introduction to use cases

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