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Our top endpoints

Articles API

Find content based on topic, keyword, publisher, author and more. Discover how that content is performing, and is predicted to perform, on social media.

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Facebook Posts API

Search for Facebook posts from specific authors and publishers, and understand how it's performing.

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Articles by HREFs API

Check article data, along with current and predicted levels of public engagement against multiple URLs per request.

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Trending Entities API

Discover the most popular things people are talking about based on your own timeframe, and refined based on specific topics and publishers.

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Articles API example

The Articles API lets you search for the most popular content or get info on the specific articles you're interested in. In this example, we looked for LadBible's most popular article based on Facebook engagement between March and August 2018.

Not surprisingly, Big Brother Gets Tattoo Of Little Brother With Down's Syndrome On Arm, He Absolutely Loves It topped the list, with over a quarter of a million Facebook engagements in the first 30 days since publication.

Here, you can see the comprehensive dataset returned by our API for this article. Flick through to see Facebook and Twitter engagements, information about the article itself, NewsWhip's topic classifications, author details, and more.

Head over to the API reference to try out the API live! What's the most popular content for your favourite publication?

  "articles": [
      "delta_time": 13156,
      "recent_fb_counts": 57069,
      "recent_tw_counts": 28,
      "relatedStories": [],
      "fb_data": {
        "total_engagement_count": 2516415,
        "likes": 2179780,
        "comments": 106299,
        "shares": 230336,
        "total_count_delta": 57069,
        "delta_period": 13156,
        "delta_period_unit": "m",
        "fb_overperforming": 30.533448570072323
      "tw_data": {
        "tw_count": 5420,
        "total_count_delta": 28,
        "delta_period": 13156,
        "delta_period_unit": "m",
        "tw_overperforming": 15.976443008918421
      "li_data": {
        "li_count": 0,
        "total_count_delta": 0,
        "delta_period": 13156,
        "delta_period_unit": "m"
      "pi_data": {
        "pi_count": 2,
        "delta_period": 13156,
        "delta_period_unit": "m"
      "predicted_interactions": 2528113,
      "predicted_timestamp": 1534618685014,
      "uuid": "ee2018e0-95aa-11e8-b9c5-5b7ee2cb8ec6",
      "publication_timestamp": 1533141853000,
      "link": "http://www.ladbible.com/community/feels-big-brother-gets-tattoo-of-little-brother-with-downs-syndrome-on-arm-20180801",
      "headline": "Big Brother Gets Tattoo Of Little Brother With Down's Syndrome On Arm, He Absolutely Loves It",
      "excerpt": "The tattoo was of the LAD's face inside the mouth of a lion and he couldn't believe it as he ran his hand across his brother's arm",
      "keywords": "Community,Down's Syndrome,Feels,Inspirational,Love,Tattoo,brother",
      "source": {
        "publisher": "ladbible.com",
        "link": "http://ladbible.com",
        "country": "United Kingdom",
        "country_code": "gb"
      "image_link": "http://beta.ems.ladbiblegroup.com/s3/content/808x455/d18e23f55b616895484b2bc189cb4a0b.png",
      "has_video": false,
      "nw_score": 35.567722031042315,
      "max_nw_score": 24622.43690704831,
      "topics": [
          "id": 16,
          "name": "For Him"
          "id": 12,
          "name": "Life"
      "authors": [
        "Rebecca Shepherd"
      "entities": [