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Welcome to the NewsWhip Developer Hub!

The NewsWhip API provides access to real time data trends, aggregated data, statistics, and social engagement metrics for all of the content we have been tracking since January 1, 2014 - hundreds of millions of stories, fully categorised and ranked.

In the hub you'll find the information you need to be successful with our API.

This is where you are now. This section tells you about our API. Here you can learn about how authentication works, learn how to achieve common goals, see how others use the API, and get access to reference data you'll need for some kinds of query.

The detailed technical documentation that describes how each endpoint works. Here you can see what's available, how to use each endpoint, and what to expect in a response. If you have an API key, you can also try each endpoint out on the web page.

Important notices about our APIs and services. We'll update this section whenever we make a change to the API (our release notes and changelog) or plan to deprecate something.

Getting started

To use the API you will need a key:

  • If you are an existing customer, you can get this from our Customer Success team. Email them at [email protected].
  • If you are not yet a NewsWhip customer, you can request a trial and a key will be provided to you. Head to the API access request form to get get in touch.

Once you have your key, head over to the Hello world! tutorial to quickly see the API in action.

What’s Next

Find out more about the features of the API, or move straight into a simple tutorial to show the API in action. All you need is your API key and a web browser.