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NewsWhip APIs give you raw access to the world’s largest and fastest human engagement database; real time data trends, aggregated data, statistics, and social engagement metrics for hundreds of millions of stories, tracked since January 1, 2014.

Use the power of NewsWhip data to create and customize your own solutions, perfectly suited to your company’s goals. In the hub you'll find the information you need to be successful with our API.

If your request was unsuccessful we will return an error code. The errors that can be thrown are listed below.

Error Code



Bad Request – Your request could not be parsed.

The text of the response will describe the reason that the response could not be parsed.


Forbidden – Your API key is not allowed to access this resource. Your API key is expired or invalid.


Too Many Requests – Enhance your calm! or contact us for higher limits!


Internal Server Error – We had a problem with our server. Please try again later.


Service Unavailable – We’re temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.

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