Known issue

This API is provided for historical research purposes only. It no longer provides up to date posts or metrics. This is as a result of unplanned changes to the Instagram API in 2018.

  • For dates between 2018-03-30 and 2018-04-04 there are a reduced number of posts available via the /igPosts endpoint. Instagram engagement metrics were also refreshed less frequently than usual.
  • For dates between 2018-04-04 and 2018-04-09, and for all dates after 2018-05-01, no Instagram posts or engagement metrics are available.


Time range

The maximum range between the from and to dates in your query should not exceed 7 days.


The following filtering options can be used in the filters body parameter.

country_codeStringTwo letter (lower case) ISO 3166 country code
region_codeStringAvailable regions (lower case):
na North America
eu Europe
oc Oceania
sea South East Asia
sa South America
as Asia
me Middle East
af Africa
ig_post_textStringThe written content of the post.
ig_user_nameStringThe handle of the Instagram user.
ig_tagsStringThe hashtags used in the post.
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