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Deprecation notice: NewsWhip Syndication features in the v1/articles API

3 years ago by Mathew Cropper

Today we are announcing a deprecation period for the matched_rate and matched_sourceId fields in the v1/articles API response.

The affected fields are visible to customers who have access to our Syndication product and the API. If you do not use the Syndication product, you are unaffected by this change.

Read on to understand what this is, what is changing, and how it may impact you.

What is it?

Customers using our Syndication product may see the matched_rate and matched_sourceId fields appear in the response from the v1/articles endpoint. This shows that a given article has matched with one of their own, and what the match rate is.

What is changing?

We will be removing these fields from the API response entirely. Syndication customers who rely on them are advised to use the Syndication API instead. This API is designed for Syndication use cases and offers significantly more sophisticated features for this purpose.

What are the timelines for this?

2018-05-01Deprecation notice by email and on this site.
2018-06-01Deprecation reminder by email.
2018-06-29matched_rate and matched_sourceId fields removed from v1/articles response. Confirmation email and API release notes updated on this site.

How can I ask questions?

If you have questions about this change please visit our forum, where our Product and Engineering teams are available to answer.