Announcing the NewsWhip Developer Hub

On behalf of the API team at NewsWhip, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of our Developer Hub.

I can't think of a better day for us to announce the beginning of our community, so let me extend our deepest welcome from Mathew Cropper, our Product Manager for APIs, and the team at NewsWhip.

Our systems are designed to understand what it is in content that creates interaction and discussion. The news and social media landscapes allow for great discussions and wide range of opinions that are important to us all. We as a company want to share this understanding with the world and help other developers build on what we have built. That's why we have an API, and in order to serve our developer community, that's why today we are announcing the developer community.

In the community, we will have blog posts from our engineers, how-tos and help sections to empower developers that want to leverage our technologies. As a company, we believe in service, and giving people who work with us a pleasant and productive experience. So our community will carry these values, just as we do internally with our staff and customers.

We look forward to coding and helping all of our developer community, and sharing our learnings on the ever changing social media and news ecosystems from a technical perspective. We are feedback junkies at NewsWhip, so any ideas or thoughts please send them our way - who knows, this time next year, we may reward you with some cookies... Or more delicious API features ;)

Many Thanks,

Andrew + the NewsWhip technology team