An update to API names

Traditionally we've grouped our APIs into three plans. The first, optimised for the most common real-time use cases, was the GET API. The second, with historical data going as far back as 2014, was the POST API. Finally, the Syndication API, for newswire services.

We're changing the way that we refer to our APIs to more accurately reflect what they are. It will also give us the freedom to give new API products more descriptive names in future.

Let me introduce you to the Quick Start API and the Historical API.

The Syndication API retains its existing name. Additionally, nothing about your existing subscription changes. We're just starting to call these groups of APIs by their new names in our documentation.

Read on to find out why we chose these names. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Quick Start API

Formerly the GET API. These endpoints are optimised for ease of implementation. They're straightforward to use and are optimised for the most common use cases we see from our customers. They provide data for a rolling 7 day period of time.

These endpoints are:

Historical API

Formerly the POST API. These endpoints provide much greater customisation and expose data that goes all the way back to January 1st, 2014. On top of web content, you also get YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and information about social media influencers. There's even an endpoint dedicated to statistical analyses.

These endpoints are: