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New 'Fake News' Category

Mathew Cropper · 8 months ago

Today we're making a new Fake News category (ID: 868) available in the API. You'll start seeing this category appear in API responses, and you'll be able to filter your queries using it.

If the API response to your query returns topics, the Fake News category will appear as below:

    How we use the API to put together monthly publisher rankings

    Mathew Cropper · 9 months ago

    Customers and friends of NewsWhip look forward to our monthly rankings, showing which publishers are getting the most engagement. It often results in lively debate and a little friendly rivalry between journalists at different publications. This month, we started to use our Stats API...

      Announcing the NewsWhip Developer Hub

      Andrew Mullaney · about a year ago

      On behalf of the API team at NewsWhip, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of our Developer Hub.

      I can't think of a better day for us to announce the beginning of our community, so let me extend our deepest welcome from Mathew Cropper, our Product Manager for APIs, and the team at NewsWhip.

        An update to API names

        Mathew Cropper · about a year ago

        Traditionally we've grouped our APIs into three plans. The first, optimised for the most common real-time use cases, was the GET API. The second, with historical data going as far back as 2014, was the POST API. Finally, the Syndication API, for newswire services.

        We're changing the way that we ref...